5 Tech Shows Every Geek Should Watch On Internet TV


These days, television is not just about silly cartoons, boring romance flicks, and cliché action movies. Today, one can turn on his TV and be exposed to a plethora of shows about science and technology. Of course, those who have Internet TV enjoy far more shows than the ones who are still subscribed to cable TV. If you have Internet TV, here are some of the tech shows that you should definitely watch:

Inside Silicon Valley

What is it like to spend a day or even just a few minutes inside Silicon Valley? Silicon Valley, as a lot of people know, is a paradise for all the tech lovers out there. Even if you live thousands of miles away from Silicon Valley, you can still get updated with the happenings there through the show, Inside Silicon Valley. It is a PodTech show that is equally informative and very entertaining. Even those who do not have enough tech savvy will enjoy watching this show.

Cranky Geeks

Well, a show about a bunch of geeks having discussions about the latest technologies – what is not to love about it? Cranky Geeks feature a bunch of experts, known as ‘cranks’ who debate on the latest issues in the tech world. Well, they are not always cranky. But when discussions get really serious, you are definitely in for a treat. Now, this show is plainly discussion. So do not expect a lot of action. Nevertheless, there are definitely a lot of tech insights you can get from it.

Robot Wars

Did you love watching the Transformers series? Well, if that is the case, then you might be fond of fighting robots. Why not watch real robots fight actual battles? You can enjoy this luxury by watching Robot Wars. It is one of the longest TV shows that aired and it ran for fifteen years. The good thing is that most, if not all, of its episodes have been uploaded in the Internet. Thus, if you have Internet TV, you would be able to watch them – again and again.

Robot Combat League

You can also enjoy a series of robot battles by watching the TV show, Robot Combat League. It is one of the most recent tech shows that are going steady since February 2013. Interesting is that the robots in these shows are not your typical box-like robots. They are humanoids or human-like bots, each controlled by a robot crew.

The IT Crowd

One of the most underrated tech shows these days is definitely the show, The IT Crowd. One reason why it is underrated is that it is more of a comedic show than a very informative one. Nevertheless, geeks will still love it especially since there are a lot of tech references that are used in the show’s play of humor. Thus, if you really consider yourself as a tech savvy, you should give this show a chance. The story focuses on an IT department in a certain company who has a non-tech person as a boss.

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