A Look At The Credit Card Singapore


Everyone likes to go shopping and buy themselves many things at a time. For this, there are some things which every individual requires. The most important requirement is a credit card as it allows people to buy as many things as they want and paying for them later if there is not enough cash with the individual.

The credit card singapore ensures that it caters to all its users’ requirements and provides many offers and discounts on shopping with it. The cards are of different categories that are further bought depending on the needs of an individual and can be applied online.

Types of credit cards

Some of the major categories of credit card singapore are:

  • World Mastercard: it is ideal for people who travel as it provides many complimentary deals, including 10X treat points at selected retail shops and dining restaurants. Besides, it also provides a rebate of about 19.1% on buying petrol.
  • Visa Infinite card: this card provides access to chauffeured limo rides, golf sessions, and many other VIP things. There is also complimentary access to the Airport lounge and a rebate on petrol as well.

There are several other cards and the details for which are mentioned individually on the website along with all that they offer they have for the individuals. There is no annual charge on the card as long as the card’s minimum limit is used up. So, people looking for a credit card singapore should go for this one.

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