Checking out if traveling is an option before deciding which casino to embrace


With คาสิโนออนไลน์ ได้เงินจริง  you will not be required to travel at all. Not unless you count walking from your bedroom to the living room as traveling. But for a brick and mortar casino, there will be a need for you to travel. The traveling comes at a cost in terms of both opportunity and money.

An example is where you might have to fly to get to the nearest brick and mortar casino. There is a cost which will come with that. There happens to be potential hassles like connecting flights and layovers. And at times, traveling might take much of your time.

You might require a hotel. Boarding in a room on your trip might make you to spend roughly $100 each night. If you are getting to a strip, you will be able to walk everywhere if that is what you wish for. There will be trams as well. you can be traveling from end to end for cheap.

But in case you want to get where you are traveling to very fast, then you will require to get a taxi. From point A to point B of the strip might cost you around $15 to about $25 inclusive of a tip. You also have an option of renting a car. You will be spending around $25 daily.

Then you will have the expense on food. On the strip, everything tends to be damn expensive. For two people per meal, you might spend about $40 and even more than that if you decide to eat in a fancier restaurant that might cost over $150 for a meal for two.

If you are planning to travel to Las Vegas for 7 days, the cost might be roughly:

  • $200 per individual for airfare
  • $140 per week for car or taxi
  • $420 per person for food
  • $700 daily for hotel

It amounts roughly to about $1500. On top of that, you would wish to have money for gambling and other activities during your stay. You should not forget factoring in the opportunity cost. And that is the approximate cost of staying in Las Vegas for a week gambling. It means that, during that time, you will not be working and that is more money lost for not working. On the overall, that is a lot of money.

Though there is nothing wrong with spending such an amount to do what you like doing, but when you look it from the online casino perspective, you can simply deposit that $1500 and use it to play wherever and whenever you have an access to the internet.

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