Don’t Miss These Tips While Traveling With Your Dog

Your pet can be your best travel partner. Traveling with cats and dogs is extremely pleasurable for most pet owners, but yes, you need to prepare your pooch for the journey. A few suggestions can come handy, especially on your first journey.

  • Consider the destination. In some countries, you cannot bring dogs from other countries, and even if you have the permissions, the paperwork trail can be pretty long.
  • Talk to your vet. Is the dog fit enough to travel with you? Senior animals may have a few restrictions, while you need to be extra cautious about pets with motion sickness.
  • Keep the papers handy. Get all the vaccinations and health certificates in one place, because for international travel, you will need these documents time and often.
  • Get the best crate. You can buy Pawfect Pet-Pet Carrier, which is one of the most comfortable options in the market. Make sure that the concerned crate is airline compliant.

  • Get your dog trained. Dogs don’t like crates in particular, so you have to train him for that. Never use the crate as a punishment for any mistake. Instead, it should be his comfort zone and a personal den.
  • Buy a few good treats and toys. If the pet is going to stay in the crate for long, you need to buy treats and toys to keep him busy.
  • Do NOT overfeed. Well, your dog won’t starve in a few hours, so don’t push for extra food. Get a good dry food, which will be accessible to him in the crate.
  • Check the collar again. If you have a big animal, you might need a new harness before traveling. The dog should be secure and safe at all times.

  • Get a collar tag. Collar tags are great for identification, and you can print your name and address on it. A better option is a microchip, which helps in locating the dog without a hassle.
  • Train your dog. If you are traveling with more than one dog, you might want to get an animal behavior expert for a quick training session. It is more than important that the dogs are in harmony.

Finally, pack your pet’s belongings, including his bed, clothes and feeding accessories. You might also want to take an extra leash and collar, besides his food and toys. Not to forget, get all the emergency meds in your bag.