How To Choose A Reliable Solar Street Light Manufacturer?


The solar street lights are replacing the conventional and traditional street lights with their amazing benefits. The solar battery with crystalline silicon for power supply is maintenance free for storing electricity. The LED lamps are used as a light source. The all in one solar street light is controlled by smart charging and discharging the controller.

Production of solar street lights

The solar panel lighting solution is made of an LED lamp, a solar panel for capturing sun rays, optimal illumination and storage battery, a lamp pole, etc. The main products comprise polycrystalline silicon solar panel and single crystal silicon, a powerful LED source, controller in the lamp pole, a valve-regulated lead-acid battery, and a gel battery that is kept in an incubator.

Choosing the right manufacturer

There are many Solar street light manufacturers to choose from. Few point to keep in mind while choosing:

  • Avoid trusting cheap and fast manufacturers- The renewable energy area has experienced vast growth in the industry. Many companies are operating in the field due to the increased demand for solar street lights. There are cheap. Due to this, many people get trapped for fast solutions and low prices. The quick response can lead to inaccurate and lack of details. Ensure that the person contacted is attentive and available for the queries and needs and gives clear information.
  • Warranties- The professionalism of the manufacturer can be sensed by the warranties they offer. Make sure that the warranty is well defined.
  • Try to visit the company- Visit the company if possible. Seeing the line in production gives a better idea and that the company is reliable or not. People can see how it is organized and maintained. People can meet the engineers in person and get the details about the product.
  • Testimonials and quality- It is impossible to know about the product’s quality in advance because the only way to know about it is through testimonials and projects. Always ask for the test sample before taking the order in bulk. Verify the product before buying.
  • Customer Service- It is a trade negotiation that is not suitable for the solar street light system. It is an important service offered from the beginning to the end of the transaction. 


Solar street light systems save the environment and can be used in towns, villages, cities, and all around the world to improve people’s lifestyles.

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