How to Choose What to Watch

If you’re looking for new movies to watch, there are several ways to narrow down the options. Netflix has a feature called “Surprise Me,” which lets you choose a film based on your interests. Countless sites and apps can help you find titles you might not see. These tools will reduce the time spent browsing titles.

Date Night Movies

A big part of creating a romantic evening is picking what to watch. However, this task can be pretty tricky. It can often depend on your preferences and the type of relationship you’re involved. For example, a Netflix and chill date night may not be suitable if you have different tastes. Another factor is the genre of the film. If you’re looking for a relaxing and enjoyable movie, consider going for a classic.

If you’re a fan of romance, consider watching The Princess Bride. This 1973 film is based on a novel by William Goldman. The plot follows two strippers (Desire and Ramona) who are involved in a scam and stealing the money of wealthy club-goers. This movie features stars like Idina Menzel, The Weeknd, and Lakeith Stanfield.


There are several benefits to using Metacritic. Users can see reviews from critics and readers, and they can post their scores. The user reviews are listed next to the critics’ scores, making it easier to see which titles are popular. The site also lists the highest and lowest user scores, so it can be helpful to compare reviews of movies and television shows. Users can also set up user accounts, choose a screen name, and subscribe to Metacritic newsletters.

Metacritic’s scoring system combines qualitative and quantitative reviews to assign a percentage to each film or TV show. It also considers the fame of the critic who wrote the reviews. However, the aggregation website has criticized its assessment process and lack of staff oversight of user reviews.


Before you can start watching, you must decide what genres you like the most. Then, you can select up to three films you want to watch. The app will recommend similar content based on your choices. Another feature of Spotflik is its Taste engine, which uses your preferences to recommend movies and TV shows similar to your taste. You can also participate in trivia games and watch trending categories. The Spotflik app also has a curated entertainment section for people who don’t trust automated bots. This discovery tool is updated daily based on new releases and critical reviews.

Bechdel Test

The Bechdel Test is an essential tool to help you choose what to watch for its gender balance. Feminist groups have used it since the 1980s to encourage films to include more female characters. However, it is not a dependable test and may not work in all cases. The test also doesn’t take the content of a movie into account, and it doesn’t always indicate that a film is a good one.

To use the Bechdel Test, look for films with two female characters. The women in the movie should be talking to each other somehow. In addition, the women should discuss something different than men in the film. It shows how much breadth of human relationships is presented in the movie.

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