How To Reduce The Risk For Colon Cancer?

You cannot stop cancer to invade your body but you can take some preventive measures to reduce the chances of colon cancer to conquer your body. One in every twenty Americans is diagnosed with colon cancer at a point of their lives. We here have some suggestion to share especially known from the celebrated gastroenterologists at Memorial Hermann North Houston Endoscopy and Surgery. Some of their suggestions are discussed beneath-

Screen for colon cancer

Per the recommendation of your doctor you can opt for a screening test. This is processed before the cancer detection and if during the test, they identify any polyps then they should be treated properly. These polyps turn out to be cancer later on. The American Cancer Society recommends the testing of the people entering their 50’s. Screening has helped millions of people from getting colon cancer.

Regular exercising

It’s very important to retain fitness by doing regular exercising. You can indulge yourself in any type of exercising starting from cardio to gym fitness training exercises. Yoga and bootcamp for the youths to the middle aged people are excellent. This prevents any chronic disease to nest inside the body. You can consult a fitness expert to before you workout as not all the exercises are for everyone.

Watch your weight

You need to watch your weight with aging. Many people tend to increase their body weight by not following a proper fitness regime and a good lifestyle. You should pay a heed to that and contribute to the fitness development of your body. Workout daily and maintain a balanced diet to reduce the body fat and to increase the physical stamina.

Add leafy vegetable and fruits

Eat lots of garden fresh green vegetable and fresh fruits. These are excellent to reduce the risk of colon cancer. It’s better to leave the red meat forever. Add more chicken, eggs and fish in your daily diet. Avoid fried food. Even opt for raw or marinated vegetables instead of frying them or tossing them in oil.

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol

With aging you need to quit smoking as tobacco is injurious to your health and can cause cancer. Also, if you are in love with alcohol, it’s high-time to quit it or reduce the proportion that you consume daily.

Consult the gastroenterologist if you’re experiencing any problem in your digestive system. This is essential if you have a history of any chronic digestive disorder.