New To The Montana Car Registration Process? Here’s How An Agent Can Help You


All vehicles in Montana must be registered. Failure to do that can lead to hefty fines. If you are new in Montana, you must register your car in Montana within 60 days of moving to the state. Keep reading this article to learn all about Montana vehicle registration.

To register your car in Montana, you must go to your County Treasurer’s Office in person and present the following information:

  • A fully filled out vehicle registration form
  • Evidence of insurance
  • The car’s registration
  • Previous state registration document

Additionally, there will be a registration cost. If your car is four years old or less, the fee is $217. For automobiles five to ten years old, the fee is $87; for vehicles older than ten years, the fee is $28.

Don’t forget to let your auto insurance provider know that you are moving. It’s a smart idea to look around and compare rates now to make sure you’re receiving the best deal since your policy will need to be rerated for Montana. It’s worth noting that anyone can register their car in Montana.

A Montana registered agent can help you register your out-of-state vehicle.The entire process consists of the following:

  1. You provide the agent with details on the car you want to purchase so they can create your Montana vehicle registration.
  2. Using the data you provided, they register your Montana LLC in order to receive Montana Vehicle Registration.
  3. They will get the title to your Montana car. After that, you can use your Montana LLC to purchase your vehicle.
  4. You will receive your complete Montana vehicle registration as well as Montana license plates in 2–4 weeks.

You can save hundreds of dollars on your vehicle if you opt to register the vehicle on a Montana LLC. Because of this, lots of people choose to register their vehicles in Montana.

Here are some of the most amazing advantages of using a registration agent to register your car in Montana.

  1. Efficiency. In 2-4 weeks, you can obtain your license plates as well as vehicle registration. That is definitely quicker. The process can take much longer if you decide to register your car in Montana on your own without working with a representative.
  2. The privacy of the data you provided while setting up your Montana LLC, Montana license plate, and Montana vehicle registration will be protected. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about personal information being compromised.
  3. Agents provide you with an operating agreement for Montana Vehicle Registration that enables your new Montana LLC to own a car, register it in Montana, or even get a Montana license plate.
  4. Quick and simple vehicle registration in Montana. Any title work received in Montana is always completed on the same day. As quickly as possible, they will make sure you receive your Montana license plate.

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