Protect Yourself from Scammers, Hackers and Cheaters

You must have heard about many scam stories about some poker sites. However, you may not realize it unless you are a victim of such scam.

An Indonesian website situs BandarQ is one very reliable website for playing poker game online, where it is much safer to play this game.

Following are few useful tips that can help you to avoid the trap of a scam affected website for playing poker game.

  • Avoid private games

If you play privately with your friends then it can be safe, however if you are playing any professionally run private games then it is risky. If you are little carefree then most of your share can be taken away in the name of certain fees. Also, sometimes there may be few marked cards, rigged deck and things like that. Therefore, avoid playing in such place rather play in any legally approved locations.

  • Check the cards thoroughly before playing

It is essential to play with fresh cards where there is no marking or spots available in the card. If you are playing on a table with shuffling machine then sometimes the machine can also leave certain marks. Quite often the players who regularly visit the casino, intentionally put certain marks so they can easily identify the value of the card when it is available in the opponent’s hand.

  • Avoid paying loan to anyone

There is in fact no good reason to loan money to anyone. Only the person whom you are giving loan will be benefitted. He will try to adjust that money by defeating you by fair or foul means. This is one way to scam you from your hard- earned cash.  While giving loan to any person consider the following:

  1. Is the person quite well known to you and you are sure about his honesty?
  2. Are you aware about his current financial condition?

You should not loan even if the person is quite well known to you in gambling. It will unnecessarily spoil your beautiful relationship.

  • While trading funds exercise caution

Never send your cash or any kind of tournament money before starting the game. If anyone has to pay let it be your opponent so that you are safe. Also, if large amount is to be transacted you must use extra amount of caution.

  • Avoid making any snap decision

Before making any decision that involves money transaction, you must not make snap decision without proper verification.