Real-Time Audio Moderation Makes Yubo a Standout in Livestreaming


With the help of the live social discovery app Yubo, Gen Z users may make new online acquaintances from all over the globe and grow their social networks. Young people are free to present themselves as genuinely and engage with others online as they would IRL by doing away with likes and following. Our platform prioritizes safety, and we take pride in being the first social app to implement thorough user-age verification capabilities and real-time video and audio moderation for livestreams. Yubo was founded in France in 2015 and is now used by more than 60 million people in more than 140 countries.

Yubo Audio Moderation

After debuting in the US last summer, the Gen Z social discovery app now offers audio moderation for livestreams in the UK, Australia, and Canada. This is a first for the industry.

While real-time picture and video moderation technology has advanced significantly, audio moderation has remained a difficult problem. According to research by the Anti-Defamation League, around half of those who reported experiencing harassment in online gaming, where live-streaming has traditionally been most common, were voice-targeted.

Yubo Worldwide

The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are currently among the four main areas where Yubo has increased the use of its audio moderation technology for livestreams. At the end of May, Yubo launched this technology in the United States in collaboration with Hive, making it the first significant social media platform to do so globally.

Since then, Yubo has extended the trial phase to encompass all locations with the most English-speaking people and a sizable user population, reaching a crucial inflection point to collect meaningful insights about this ground-breaking safety technology. Even while the technology is still in its infancy, it has shown to be especially good at spotting possible real-world risks, such as aggression against others or self-harm.

 Yubo’s Hive audio moderation technology

Currently, Yubo‘s Hive audio moderation technology records and automatically transcribes 10-second audio clips from livestreams with ten or more viewers. After that, artificial intelligence rapidly scans the text. The only transcripts flagged for review by Yubo’s Safety Specialists contain words or phrases that are against the app’s Community Guidelines. These specialists start looking into the incidents in real time to decide what steps should be taken, including whether it is necessary to escalate to law enforcement. Without any potential infractions, transcripts are not checked nor preserved.

audio moderation technology’s algorithms

This audio moderation technology’s algorithms are powered by machine learning, so they will advance and become more accurate over time. Livestream transcripts that have not been marked for inquiry are erased after 24 hours to safeguard user privacy. Transcripts that have been marked and need internal or external examination are kept for up to a year.

“Effective content moderation is a duty that Yubo takes very seriously, as we can attest from personal experience. We are eager to fuel its ecosystem with our technology and to work with it to continuously innovate and learn how to make online communities safer,” said Kevin Guo, the chief executive officer of Hive.

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