Reasons To Consider Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting For Commercial Work!

With years of use, concrete slabs can settle, creating uneven surfaces. Apart from the possible tripping hazards, settled concrete looks anything but aesthetic. There are two major methods of concrete raising – mudjacking, which is traditionally used and involves using a concrete mix, and polyurethane foam concrete lifting, which involves using a polyurethane material. The latter is known to have a few benefits, especially for commercial needs. In this post, we will talk about some of the advantages, along with cons and tips for finding a contractor for the job.

Quick advantages for commercial work

With commercial areas, such as driveways, pavements and other surfaces, you cannot afford downtime. The area must be ready to use as soon as possible, and that’s exactly where polyurethane foam concrete lifting scores over mudjacking. The process is fairly simple, where one or more holes are drilled on the surface and the foam material is injected. It expands underneath, which causes the slabs to rise. Thanks to polyurethane foam concrete lifting, one doesn’t need to drill big holes, and the work is done in a much shorter time, and the area can be used soon after. One of the other benefits is related to soil stability. Since foam material is light and doesn’t need to be used in huge quantities, there is no undue pressure on the soil or ground underneath. This reduces some of the concerns that has been associated with mudjacking.

Things to note

Well, polyurethane foam concrete lifting isn’t a cheap option for sure, and the cost will only increase if you use waterproof foam. It is always better to get an estimate for the job. Call up a few of the foundation repair services, and they can check the situation to give a quote. The polyurethane foam material is usually expensive, and even in smaller amounts, it can cost up to five times more than mudjacking. You may also want to know the best material choices, given concrete lifting is not something you would want to repeat every year. Also, it is a good idea to consider the time required for the job, which largely depends on the extensiveness of the job.

Finally, do talk to the contractor to know the possible costs that must be incurred in the long run. If done right, polyurethane foam concrete lifting can last for years. Ask around to get a few references, and don’t forget to check the website of the contractor.