Some Delicious Flavours Of Vape Juice You Can Try


Many people are attracted to vaping because of the sheer volume of available flavours of vape juice. There are a lot of choices available for delicious e-liquid you can use in your vaping device, with six primary flavour profiles, which are as follows:

  • Tobacco Flavours
  • Menthol Flavours
  • Dessert Flavours
  • Candy Flavours
  • Drink Flavours
  • Fruit Flavours

There are so many options available that there is something to suit all tastes, and many options are highly affordable compared to the cost of smoking cigarettes. Below are some of the best flavour options to help enhance your vaping experience and ensure it is pleasurable.


The Heisenberg e-liquid from Ferocious E-Liquid has changed its name to Heizenberry and is based on the popular character from the Breaking Bad TV series. It is a mixture of aniseed and absinthe and has a cool menthol hit, perfect for everyday vaping. It has a 70/30 mixture ratio, so it is best used in a sub-ohm vaping device and is ideal for cloud chasing. You can get this delicious flavour e-liquid in various size bottles and from 0m to 6mg of nicotine in it.

Grape Ice

Another highly popular flavour of e-liquid that many vapers adore is the Grape Ice flavour from Fantasi. It is perfect for those who love the taste of grapes, and you get a cooling menthol hit when you vape it. It is another vape juice with a 70/30 VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) ratio, so it is ideal for sub-ohm vaping. The taste is like a grape soda in your mouth; it is a flavour profile that you will never get bored of tasting.


Many people love the candy flavour e-liquids as it takes them back to their childhood, and the Blackjack flavour from Ferocious E-Liquid is a popular choice. It is rich with flavour, and you can enjoy vaping the taste of liquorice and aniseed, with slight undertones of citrus. It also has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, but you can get more suitable options for plus-ohm vaping.

Fruity Menthol

Another popular flavour option from Ferocious E-Liquid is their Fruity Menthol e-liquid, packed full of fruity taste. Every time you vape with this e-liquid, there is an explosion of flavour in your mouth as you enjoy this fruit cocktail with a menthol hit. Various VG/PG ratios are available, so you can use them in plus-ohm and sub-ohm devices and enjoy the delicious taste. It is available in multiple-size bottles, and you can get it in 0mg up to 6mg of nicotine, so there are suitable options for everyone.

Grape & Strawberry

The grape strawberry flavour from Juicy Nerds is another popular option with many vapers and has massive amounts of taste. You can enjoy the sweet taste of strawberries along with the more complex grape flavour in a flavour combination that is sweet and delicious. You can get this vape juice in sizes from 10ml up to 120ml and nicotine strengths from 0mg up to 6mg, and it is another vape juice with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. For a delicious taste with every vape, this is a flavour choice you want to add to your wish list.

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