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Commerce students encounter a unique and common sort of challenge: they must perform accurate calculations, navigate large syllabi, and learn business-related vocabulary and lingo. To ace the boards, pupils must study methodically and continuously throughout the year. There are several bright career options for students interested in this field; the most common among them are business administration, chartered accounting, and finance.

They might grasp commerce stream courses easily if they prepare well in advance and revise often. Other subjects, such as english questions, are vital for commerce students in addition to the primary courses. Here are some CBSE Class 12 commerce stream board exam tips to assist you in improving the quality of your preparation and score well in the exam.

Preparing for Accountancy

Accountancy board exam questions on corporate accounts, cash flow statements, and partnerships have a 60% weighting in the examination; attempt them first. Calculate and present relevant working notes for each item. If you’re writing a journal, you’ll need to create a good framework and write narrations. Remember to go through all examples and provide equations for ratio analysis problems. In addition to the NCERT, check the CBSE sample papers and TS Grewal’s Double Entry Bookkeeping, as there are fewer problems for practice.

Set the Topics in Order of Importance

The question paper gives a 60% weighting to questions about corporate accounting, cash flow statements, and partnerships. Pay great attention to these topics as you study. Also, don’t overlook the ratio analysis illustrations.

Pay Careful Attention to the Theory

The topics in the accounting theory part will put your understanding of traits, advantages, and downsides to the test. Don’t forget about them. This is the key to achieving a high theoretical grade. However, memorising them is insufficient. Make it a habit to write them down.

Study for four hours every day. Cell phones must be turned off to guarantee that there is no disruption.

Maintain Your Focus and Perseverance

Even though certain chapters appear challenging at first, do not skip them if you want to be well-prepared for the CBSE Class 12 commerce stream board examinations. You will ultimately begin to grasp them if you study and revise them regularly. It is scientifically proven that dedicating more attention to areas where you are weak can assist you in overcoming them.

Practice on a Regular Basis

This is an important task that takes a great deal of patience and practice. Don’t restrict yourself to the NCERT textbook’s exercises and reference books. Set up enough time to answer as many questions as you can, including samples and previous years’ papers. Practise more commerce Q&A that enhances the ability to solve problems easily. It will also help to understand the pattern of questions asked.

Make a List of Your Ideas

This is a critical point. Discussion notes should be added to your responses as needed since they can assist you in receiving good scores. Ensure your notes are comprehensive and easy to understand. Cover the entire syllabus for your CBSE Class 12 commerce stream board exam while preparing for accountancy, business studies, or economics, and then attempt to revise it at least four times more. Some studies suggest that it provides a deeper understanding, which enhances a student’s scores. Make notes and summaries for each chapter, so you can remember everything you’ve learned so far.

These are some preparation suggestions for the 12th Board commerce exams that will undoubtedly assist you in achieving 90+ marks.

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