The FDA has approved the use of the flu-COVID test at home.


The risk of COVID-19 spreading might be under control for now, but there is no doubt that it is still prominent. Even a simple cold or cough can be a sign of the COVID-19 virus. That is why you must have a home inspection done on time. However, over time, there has been debate on whether the use of COVID-TEST at home will be helpful. Different bans had even been imposed on the companies selling the kits. However, the recent breaking headlines make it clear that the FDC has approved its first blend of tests to diagnose the COVID-10 and flu viruses. You can use this test at home without any hassle.

What the FDA has to say about the new test

There is a new test on the market that claims to provide accurate COVID-19 virus diagnosis. However, in a recent interview, the FDA revealed its first combination testing system that will help people determine whether they have COVID-19 or the flu. It is a simple test to be used at home. The consumer can know if the runny noise is due to the flu or another reason.

You can get the new home test called the Lucira COVID-19 home and flu test without a prescription. Further, it has self-collected nasal swab samples that offer quick results in less than 30 minutes. The at-home COVID test will be available soon. It is the first test designed to diagnose the flu, which can be influenza A or B. The test has been approved for emergency use because it provides medical countermeasures during public health emergencies.

What the experts have to say:

In response to such approval, FDA Director Jeff Shuren stated that making this testing solution available to users was a significant step forward. People can diagnose the problem at home without any hassle and safely. The agency also commented that this test is for people who have signs of constant respiratory issues or infections. Adults, kids, and teens can use it, they have to do is get the sample and follow the instructions on how to use it correctly.

You can report the diagnosis solution to healthcare experts who will advise on the best preventive measures. Individuals who test negative but still face the signs may have a respiratory infection and choose follow-up care with the doctor.

Preventive steps to be taken:

Even if the test you use at home will give you clarity if you are infected with COVID-19, you must follow preventive steps on your own. Humans’ body immunity still needs to catch up with the outbreak of this virus. Getting the body acquainted with this virus and protected against it, it is going to take time. But in that span, you should avoid going into crowds. If you have the option of working from home, it is preferable.COVID-19 vaccinations or boosters should be taken on time for better results.


With the breaking headline today, people are relieved that they can diagnose the problem at home. Considering its demand, the test will soon be available in different corners of the world.

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