The Top 5 Best Activities for Kids in Indianapolis


Whether you’re traveling for work or moving to the area, it’s important to find a city that has fun and excitement for everyone in your family. It can be hard to pick which location is best for your kids based on schools alone, so it’s a good idea to stop and consider how much fun and excitement awaits them beyond their education.

These are the top five activities for kids in Indianapolis and why they’re so exciting for families from around the world!

1. Children’s Museum

Hands-on fun and learning are a must if you want to inspire a love for learning and exploring the world. Thankfully, the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis has you covered! From historical details about the city to fun hands-on experiments teaching about fire safety, your children will leave here brighter and fully tapped out of energy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime location!

2. Conner Prairie

If you’re considering looking at Indianapolis houses for sale, you’ll want to check out its history in the most interesting way possible. Your kids will love Conner Prairie, a living history museum that preserves the William Conner home and offers a tour of what life was like, while also hosting live shows and concerts. This is a kind of destination that combines history with modern life and encourages kids to be more interested in the past.

3. Indianapolis Zoo

Zoos are the best place to stop and have fun while also getting fresh air and time with family! The Indianapolis zoo covers 64 acres and has thousands of animals of hundreds of species that will help your kids connect with the importance of conservation and the preservation of species.

Not only is this an affordable stop, but you can actually visit each of the destinations on this list if you pay for a 3-day Indy Attraction Pass, which is only $75 per person for a weekend of fun!

4. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Not to be confused with Children’s Museum, this fun museum is the world’s largest museum aimed at people under the age of 12. Fully accredited and generally affordable for the whole family, this museum is turning 100 in 2025 and has put the last century into creating a space where kids can have fun while learning. If you’re ready to watch your children learn and be excited by hands-on fun, this is the place to go!

5. Greatimes Family Fun Park

Not every vacation has to come with an education! Sometimes it’s a good idea to cut loose and have fun, and to do that: your family should visit Greatimes Family Fun Park! This awesome amusement park and indoor playland gives your kids a chance to do anything from race on go-karts to play putt-putt or enjoy water attractions! You’ll have fun too as you play with them!

You can visit for more.

Indianapolis Has Fun for Everyone!

Whether you’re moving here or just vacationing in the area, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so your kids will have an amazing time. Consider stopping at one of these five destinations with your family!

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