Unique reasons for you to choose only Google Cloud Platform


Cloud computing has become an important element of contemporary business. But relatively new innovations have occurred on the market as well in this recent time. The firms have finally been seeing the positive results to use google cloud services and that’s why 96% of companies today utilize the cloud in some way.

Suppose you consider shifting your business further into the cloud. In that case, the main companies on the market, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and firms like Microsoft Azure, will provide expected services but among them google cloud will be the best.

The strength of large data

Each of the leading cloud providers has relatively high benefits. AWS is renowned for its infrastructure. Another one named Azure is an operating system and GCP is used for its big data and analysis. Google Cloud Platform offers effective opportunities in Big Data and Machine Learning according to cloud computing specialists.

Also, Google has invested in sophisticated data analysis tools. You may have heard about BigQuery which is a certified tool of Google and it enables companies to analyze large amounts of data at extremely rapid rates. It also reduces the process of working which would have taken a long time before.

In addition, the business is looking for new advancements of google cloud services since Google is generally fascinated by data analytics and the application of machine learning.

Quicker than the other alternatives

In cloud services, speed is frequently a contentious expected return. And although AWS and Azure have a larger market share a greater number of worldwide data centers, there is another one named GCP which provides services that is faster.

Google has significantly invested in its Faster Cable infrastructure because of the demand. It now offers GCP clients a great speed up to 10 Tbs. Faster speeds obviously enhance the performance and very appreciated of GCP systems.

Advantageous price structure

The pricing of google cloud platform is quite impressive. Know that AWS offers a very bewildering variety of price choices. The decision leads to organizations spending enormously over for their cloud services.

Google provides a straightforward, one price plan in which customers pay by their consumption on a monthly basis. The minimum consumption is 10 minutes and the costs are rounded down to the closest minute as per research tells us.


There are also contemporary realities that distinguish Google from its rivals. You may name the live migration as a great example here.

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