Why Buy Bike Insurance Online

Buying bike insurance makes one aware of the fact that there are things which may go wrong with one’s bike and one needs to be prepared for it. In short, in case of an accident or deterioration of the bike, there is a source to assist with the financial aspect. Therefore, it is appropriate to buy bike insurance if such circumstances present themselves. Buying bike insurance online is even better.

Online insurance sites provide a great advantage for customers to look up their website for the desired bike insurance plan. Besides, there are not many steps which are required to complete the procedure. However, an accident is not the only event where bike insurance counts; in cases of theft, serious damage, etc., as well, bike insurance can come to the rescue.

Before signing up for bike insurance online, one may want to know the reasons as to why buying it online is the best bet. So, here are some pointers:

  • Reduces time taken for the online inquiry: As all information regarding two-wheeler insurance is available online, it is only a matter of few minutes that you can get a quote on the premium for the policy you wish to buy. Some companies have amazing websites and you get acquainted with the company policies by merely entering a few details about yourself on the website.
  • Avail free Quotes online: By considering buying bike insurance online, you can very easily avail this facility on the company website. This would help further decide if you would like to go ahead with the said policy and if it fits your requirements. The IDV can be easily calculated by putting in basic details about yourself and the two-wheeler you own.
  • Excellent online help desk: In case you require assistance beyond the scope of the website, the online chat feature or the call back facility is always a great option.

How to buy Bike Insurance Online

Buying a bike insurance online is an extremely easy process nowadays and can be summarized in the following few steps:

  • Enter details about your bike i.e. the two-wheeler registration number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Mobile number
  • Select the type of two-wheeler (most-likely from a pre-defined drop-down list)
  • Age of the vehicle in years
  • Name of the city in which the bike was registered

Besides, you will be asked if you are purchasing the policy for the first time or are an existing policyholder. This will in turn generate the next steps.

And there you are with your free quote with IDV or Insured Declared Value! However, if there are still certain things which you would like clarify, you can always ask for a call back from the insurance company.

Is it Necessary to Buy Bike Insurance Online

Whether online or offline, it has been made mandatory by the Government of India to have a bike insurance in place. Apart from the previously mentioned benefits of buying bike insurance online, it is always a relief when one is in an emergency situation such as an accident. Some of the other benefits of buying a bike insurance online are:

  1. Low premiums: Premiums for 2 wheelers can be really low-priced and reasonable. In the long run, it will prove to be very economical to buy two wheeler insurance for your bike.
  2. Easy claim settlement process: With a competitive market present for bike or two wheeler insurance plans, companies understand that a good service will improve their position in the market. So, companies strive to give the best facilities to their customers. Claim settlement is one of them. What else would one want from their insurance other than a hassle-free claim settlement!
  3. Go Cashless: This is undoubtedly a great feature which bike insurance companies provide. Companies allow a cashless facility in the garages which they have under their network.
  4. Add-on Covers: Again, customer is king for the insurance companies which have the advantage of several amazing add-on covers with respect to the bike insurance at a very small additional premium.
  5. Scamming ruled out: With all transactions being made online, nowadays things have become more transparent; besides, with so much of information available about a company online, it is less likely for anyone to fall into any scams.

These are some of the reasons why one should consider buying a bike insurance online.