Why Do You Need Self Storage Insurance?


Keeping your items in a storage unit is a wise decision. However, it might also mean you are gambling on their safety. This industry’s lack of strict regulations makes it possible for dishonest businesses to get away with mistakes. Therefore, you have the responsibility of confirming the safety of your items. Self-storage insurance is vital if you want your assets to be safe. Furthermore, insurance ensures you can get compensation should your items get damaged by fire, water, vandalism, or theft. The following are reasons why you need self-storage insurance.

Protection from Burglary

Storage facilities are prone to burglary. For this reason, facilities invest in robust security measures like solid fences and lock systems for their storage units. Even then, some suffer breakage. You need to ensure your belongings are safe from theft by getting insurance. You will need to take pictures of the items you keep in the unit to know what has been stolen. You can then get compensation in case of a break-in.

Protection from Smoke and Fire

Most storage units don’t have a fire or smoke alarms. Therefore, it will not be easy to know in case of fire or smoke. Fire happens in storage units, and sometimes it is caused by the items people store in the units. Even if the fire does not reach your unit, your items can be affected by smoke. Therefore, you need insurance to ensure your damaged items will be replaced.

Protection from Rodents

One major significant loss that many storage unit users face is damage from rodents. Even with strong security measures like CCTVs, you cannot stop a small animal like a rodent. Rodents like dark places to hide and breed. Unfortunately, they gnaw on items, pee, poop, and spread diseases. If you are storing your items for a long time, ensure they will still be practical by getting insurance to protect them against rodents. Insurance acts as an extra layer of protection against rodents. You also need to look for signs of rodents before picking a storage unit since, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.”

Protection from Vandalism

 The storage facility may be the last place to suffer from vandalism, but it happens. It is crucial to have insurance to protect our assets from destruction, even if you think your chosen facility is not vulnerable. Most storage facilities don’t cover vandalism. Therefore, you will need to buy insurance to keep your items safe should someone use a sledgehammer on the door.

Protection from Storm Damage

Mother Nature might also have a different plan, and she is unpredictable. In times of hurricanes, when the wind and rain are high, buying insurance to protect your possessions will be best. Insurance will cover your items should a natural disaster happen. Disasters such as storms happen that leave a lot of damage to items. So, ensure you will be safe and get peace of mind by buying insurance.


These are enough reasons to convince you to get self-storage insurance. You need peace of mind while storing assets away from home. So, get insurance to keep them safe.

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