Why Should You Install Satellite TV to A Nursing Home near You!


When senior citizens enter nursing homes, their lives take a major turn as their motivation for living a fulfilled life lessens by the minute. Most of them are often bitter and do not want to leave the comfort of their homes or their loved ones. In most cases, nursing homes often provide exceptional medical services, which is another reason why seniors are admitted to a nursing home.

Introducing Seniors At The Nursing Home To A New Normal

Most nursing homes follow daily schedules to a tee, unfortunately, the pandemic crashed that meticulous planning, toppling plans, and halting activities of daily life. That is when simple pleasures such as watching regular television became several things: a source of entertainment and a means of looking at the world outside.

Television – A Passive Way Of Getting Emotionally Involved

Most nursing homes have installed satellite TV in nursing homes as these come in with a variety of options such as the high number of channels at a decent price range. While seniors staying at a nursing home may enjoy watching television or simply revisiting their favorite TV shows with new friends, satellite TV offers more than entertainment. There is a lot of educational programming also available on TV, which also facilitates passive learning among old-aged men and women.

Unleashing The Power Of Satellite TV

Satellite TV is a programming service that delivers television programs straight to viewers by transmitting signals from a satellite that’s orbiting the Earth directly to the viewer’s location. These signals are received by the target location via a satellite dish, which is why irrespective of where a customer lives, he will receive high-definition picture quality and excellent audio quality. In comparison to cable television, which delivers programming service through the use of coaxial cable lines to only those areas where the cables have been installed, satellite TV providers can deliver TV service anywhere in the world with a reach in the remotest of areas.

Which Is Better: Cable TV Versus Satellite TV?

Cable TV and satellite TV are often against pitted against each other in the competition of being better than the other. Cable TV often comes with several benefits that include tv-internet bundles/packages and the no-contract policy that makes it easier for the consumer to cancel the service anytime in a hassle-free manner. On the other hand, the visual results of satellite service make up for its lack of appealing add-ons.

What Factors To Look At When Choosing The Option Of Satellite TV?

Though the pandemic has been anything but kind, it brought innovative changes to a diverse range of domains in the year 2021. Two satellite companies, namely DISH and DIRECTV are fiercely fighting for the slot of number 1 in the TV business.

Reasonable Prices

For some of its target consumers such as nursing homes, where funds are often scarce, satellite TV service is an affordable option, that offers multiple options at a reasonable price is the ideal service. For others, it will be the number of channels provided within the length of the service contract, giving no second thoughts to the price of the service.

Internet Coverage In Your Area

While most satellite TV services don’t directly offer an internet connection but there are different options available where you can get an internet service if you want to. For instance, DIRECTV’S parent company is AT&T, which provides you with a bundle that links a high-speed internet package and satellite TV together for you! While internet providers do not service all areas, we suggest that you contact your service provider and find out if your area is eligible for an internet bundle with satellite TV.

Available Discounts For Bundling Internet Service With Satellite TV

Though it may seem difficult as not many discounts are being offered with your bundle, you can still find numerous internet deals with satellite TV that are amazing in your price range. Nevertheless, there will also be some consumers, who don’t care about these factors at all.

Hire Professionals For The Installation Of Your Satellite TV

Hiring professionals for your satellite tv is essential for the correct installation to take place while ensuring that the television is mounted rightly on the wall. Though the weight of the device is a strong factor, most satellite TV companies send in their experts, who are well aware of how to install the device perfectly without disturbing the aesthetics of the room.

If you are installing a new television set in a nursing home, then we suggest that you request the respective company to send in their professionals for a more skillful installation. See which wall in the house can sustain the weight of your television set. A professional would know the best way to mount your device without damaging the interior in any way. Most electronic devices come with their installation kit; your television is no different.

The Bottom Line …

Although satellite TV cannot rid senior citizens of their overwhelming loneliness, it can provide a window to residents of nursing homes and help them to cope up with a more confined and less active lifestyle. For instance, there is a large variety of news channels, which seniors can watch to remain updated with the latest happenings in the world. Additionally, satellite TV may also provide a type of continuity with the life that they have left behind.

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