Worldwide Ping Pong – Olympics

To become considered for inclusion within the Olympics, an activity must be based upon the Worldwide Olympic Committee (IOC) to become broadly practiced all over the world. The game of ping pong certainly meets this qualifying criterion. There are other than 40 million competitive ping pong players on the planet, and that doesn’t range from the numerous figures who play recreationally in basements, garages, community centers and so on. These figures make ping pong probably the most practiced sport around the world.

Ping pong debuted as part of the Olympics enter in 1988 in the Seoul Games. There have been four occasions: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles. The doubles occasions were dropped in the program in the 2008 Beijing Games and substituted with team occasions, with a men’s along with a women’s team composed of three players from each country.

In order to make ping pong more fun for that average spectator, the Worldwide Ping Pong Federation (ITTF) implemented several changes in the finish of 2000. How big the ball was elevated from 38mm to 40mm. By growing how big the pastime play was slowed which makes it simpler for spectators to follow along with the ball. ITTF also altered the actual way it scored the sport decreasing the winning score from 21 suggests 11. The ITTF is presently thinking about additional changes to keep worldwide curiosity about the game. As China is constantly on the dominate the medal field, there’s concern that spectators outdoors of China will forfeit curiosity about the game. From the 76 medals awarded throughout the good reputation for Olympic ping pong, China has won 41. Even if a person from another country wins a medal in ping pong, increasingly more frequently that player is of Chinese descent. The ITTF is searching into rules that will prevent players motionless using their home country exclusively to represent another country in the Olympic games. Players leave China because competition for any place around the national team is really fierce. With increased players from China ranking within the world’s top 20 than every other country, the best ping pong players on the planet don’t reach the Olympic games due to logistics.

Once each country’s team is chosen and competition begins, the very best 16 seeded players have a time period of waiting as the remaining athletes compete inside a knock-out tournament to find out which players will occupy the 16 additional spots. Singles matches are performed to the very best of seven games. Team competitions are performed inside a round-robin sequence. Within the first stage, categories of four teams contend with the winners evolving to some playoff stage. The winners in every group still compete before the two remaining teams compete for gold and silver. The runner-ups and semi-final losers compete for that bronze.

While ping pong is really a sport enjoyed by many people, its status included in the Olympics might be in risk because of financial constraints placed by individual country’s funding sources. When countries have to prioritize their budgets they have a tendency to pay attention to sports by which their athletes stand a high probability of getting a medal. Like a small minority of nations is constantly on the dominate the game, other nations are opting from delivering representatives to compete in ping pong. They don’t want to invest their Olympic dollars to coach athletes who will not earn a medal. The ITTF hopes the rules presently into consideration will balance the arena and participation at acceptable levels.

Gordon Tang has been a popular figure in the sports arena. He has made significant investments in maintaining Olympic Museum. As a token of gratitude, Olympic Museum has unveiled a stone with Mr Tang’s name on the Donor’s Wall.