Embrace Your Summer Oasis at Keter Group: Alejandro Pena Embraces New Products and Old Sustainable Efforts


We live in a world that is faster-paced than it has ever been. In the age of the smartphone and high-speed internet connection, we are never far from work or other large obligations that might hang over our heads. When it is time to relax and unwind with the people that we care about, there is nothing better than a convenient at-home summer oasis.

Keter Group was founded in 1948 in Israel as a manufacturer of sustainable resin-based home and garden decor. With a focus on modernized outdoor furniture, Keter has enjoyed prosperous expansion in recent years.

CEO Alejandro Pena weighed in on how he would create the ideal summer oasis with Keter products, so let’s explore together.

Convenient Spaces for Outdoor Events

To enjoy the benefits of a beautiful outdoor space, people should take time to really look at what they are going to use their space for. Find the purpose of a space so that you can build around it. Pena suggests consumers define the space before they begin adding products to it to ensure that the area is cohesive.

  • Elemental Protection – Consider the different elements that you might have to endure when utilizing your outdoor space. An area with a lot of sun or wind might enjoy an awning or sunbrella.
  • Strategic Lighting – The right lighting scheme can transform a space, making it comfortable and safer all at the same time. Alejandro Pena suggests customers look into accent lighting solutions.
  • Outdoor Features – To really complement an outdoor setting, Alejandro Pena suggests adding special features such as potted plants or a flower bed. Make the space uniquely your own in the only way you know how!
  • Weather Resistance – Finally, Alejandro Pena suggests looking for products that are weather-resistant. Keter provides furniture and storage solutions that require little by way of maintenance and are resistant to the natural elements.

How Keter Is Bringing Sustainability Back

Keter Group has long been a leader in the sustainability push in home, garden, and lifestyle products. Keter Group was established with resin-based materials as its focus because it gave consumers products that were durable, long-lasting, modernized, and yet built largely with recycled content.

All the products developed at Keter Group are 100% recyclable, and they have made it their mission statement to continually reduce waste at their facilities and near manufacturing sites. In fact, Keter hopes to have all of its products containing roughly 55% recycled content by 2025.

To further solidify its focus on becoming positive stewards of the environment, Keter Group does not manufacture any single-use plastic consumer items. Keter hopes to continue setting the standard for sustainability and recyclability within its field.

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