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How can you improve your mood and feel happier or more satisfied? Bad moods are never fun for you or the people you’re around. Ideally, people will always be in good moods. While that’s not possible, there are things that affect the way you feel and influence your mood from day to day.

You don’t have to be cheery always, but being in a good mood has many benefits. A better mood improves your response to stress, how you handle social interactions, and your energy levels. If you’re in a good mood, you’re more likely to eat healthier and have the discipline to exercise.

People will also enjoy being around you more! You don’t have to fake your mood because there are simple things you can do to change your mood and feel better. Here are seven ways to improve your mood.

Get Enough Sleep

Being in a good mood is hard if you always feel tired. You can’t cheat your body and expect to keep running on fumes. To improve your mood, you must get enough sleep and feel rested. People who get more sleep feel better and are ready for what comes at them throughout the day.

Getting enough sleep makes you less likely to respond poorly to stress by overeating or lashing out. You make better decisions and can handle your business without stimulants.

Invest in good bedding and make sleep a priority. You’ll likely see a massive improvement in how you feel and your overall mood. Try to get seven or eight hours of sleep each night. How much sleep you need depends on your age and other factors, so spend time learning how many hours you need to feel your best.


Get more exercise and stay in shape if you want to be in a good mood more often. When you get in shape, you will start to get more dopamine release every time you exercise. Whether you’re walking outside every day or going for a run, your physical health is closely tied to your mental health.

Now, everyone is in a different stage of physical fitness. Don’t kill yourself trying to get into great shape in a week. Physical health is a lifelong pursuit. Make incremental improvements, and you’ll improve your mood along with how you look in the mirror.

Eat a Healthier Diet

Your diet affects your physical health. You’ll lose the extra pounds and feel better about yourself when you eat a healthier diet full of protein and vegetables. This, naturally, puts you in a better mood.

However, diet is also essential because eating a healthy diet keeps you away from foods that impact your mind. For example, overeating sugar can give you a temporary rush, but the crash will leave you feeling haggard and low-energy. This will affect your mood and how you treat people.

To maintain healthy energy levels, eat clean and drink plenty of water.

Find Community

People aren’t meant to be alone. As humans, we need a community around us to feel belonging. If you’re struggling with poor moods, join a class or some other organization where you can meet people and build social ties. Become more active in your neighborhood and do your best to make the first move to find friends. Reach out to people around you, and you’ll notice that you are happier.

Go Outside

Being outdoors is one of the best things you can do to improve your mood. When you get sun, your Vitamin D levels go up, which makes you feel better and is great for your health. Do what you can to increase your time outside, but also ensure you wear sunblock to prevent skin damage from UV waves.

Making outdoor walks a habit. Take your next conference call on a trail or walking around a track. You’ll notice a difference in how you feel almost immediately.

Consume Uplifting Media

There’s a lot wrong in the world, especially if you’re focused on it all day. Unfortunately, too many of us spend hours hearing about crime in faraway cities or learning about impending crises we can do little about.

The world has become local; seemingly every problem is at our doorstep. In addition, people listen to sad songs, watch TV shows about murder mysteries, and spend hours on YouTube going down rabbit holes about world strife.

How you consume media deeply influences your mood. For example, if you’re always watching sad movies, it’s tough to feel full of energy and happiness. Start consuming more positive media to fight bad moods and improve your feelings. Perhaps more importantly, stay away from negative media that brings you down. Avoiding bad media can help break you out of negative emotional health cycles that draw you into depression.


Peptides & Mood Improvement

Kisspeptin is a naturally-occurring protein in humans that influences hormone signaling. It’s also thought to impact mood and behavior by influencing the gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the brain.

Kisspeptin-10 is a peptide that, in animal models, is believed to have a direct role in impacting mood and regulating energy balance. In mice, for instance, research indicates that kisspeptin plays a role in energy balance, reproductive function, and possibly metabolism regulation.

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