Kevin Modany Outlines Keys to Executive Success in Consultancy Arena.


The post-COVID world of business strategy involves many different moving parts. Nowadays, executive officers and CEOs are forced to face increasingly difficult challenges and complexities as they arise, overcoming them through determination and skill.

Executive leadership teams are forced to tackle problematic issues as they often arise by streamlining operations or cutting costs. Sometimes, executive leaders are forced to prepare strategic logistics for mergers or potential mergers.

As an executive consultant since 2016 and a Certified Public Accountant, Kevin Modany is no stranger to solving problems as they manifest before him. A seasoned CEO and an executive with leveraged insights from a variety of industries, Kevin Mdoany recently sat down to share what has helped him to succeed in this competitive field.

What IS An Executive Consultant’s Role?

An executive consultant is an industry professional who guides CEOs as well as other senior-level executives as they solve problems and address major decisions. Each consultant will come from an area of operational knowledge, whether it be in finances, strategic planning, or day-to-day operations. Kevin Modany notes that executive consultants need to have fantastic communication skills so that they can transmit their knowledge quickly, effectively, and without any knowledge lost in the process.

What to Look Forward to as a Consultant.

The business world is changing by leaps and bounds to meet the needs and overcome the challenges of 21st Century individuals. There are emerging trends that Kevin Modany highlights as necessary for future executive consultants to understand.

  • Digital Platform Expansion – COVID spurred on what everyone already knew: companies are transitioning into digital operations. Specialized consultants can help these businesses transition by engaging in the digital implementation of successful business strategies by utilizing data and analytics.
  • Growing Career Prospects – Modany points out that companies focused on increasing productivity while decreasing costs can enjoy a growing edge against other competitors. These businesses create a vacuum for optimistic career growth.

Best Skills for an Executive Consultant

Kevin Modany notes that executive consultants need to be prepared with a wide variety of skills to put into play during their work. Outside of skills pertaining to technology, Modany specifies the following areas of understanding.

  • Strategic Thinking – Companies need both long and short-term goals, with short-term goals geared toward improving present performance. Executive consultants need strategic thinking to look at both the big picture and the finite details.
  • Communication – Effective communication is the bedrock of leadership and the foundation upon which all other skills should be built. Kevin Modany says, “If you ask me a question, you got to be careful because I will give you an answer. And I don’t believe in anything other than being honest and forthright.”
  • Ongoing Learning – Learning is a skill that should never go to waste, according to Kevin Modany. With the industry always evolving, it is of the utmost importance that executive consultants focus on continuing their education to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

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