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As some of those ranked among the best movers in Toronto, we often hear people wishing they had a bigger house. And that is pretty much the dream for many of us, isn’t it? Many of us wish we had a bigger, more spacious home. But houses are expensive and building space is not affordable to everyone, so we have to work with what we have. The good news is you can use creativity and some tricks to maximize a small space in a house or a condo. Hope this article will help you and give you some good ideas.

Analyze the resources you have

Take some measurements and see exactly what you have. Include the house with its rooms, the money you have, the tools, and the time you have. Consider your friends who will be willing to help, and don’t forget to consider some of the best movers in Toronto. They might really be able to help. Try to picture how you want the place to look like. Use Pinterest and Instagram as inspiration, they will help a lot as a base for the brainstorming. Ask friends and family to contribute with their ideas. On TikTok you can also find some profiles which give people ideas on how to maximize space. Just make sure you know pretty much what you want to change and you envision the way your house will look in the end.

Cleanup before anything

As humans, it is in our nature to hoard. It is quite difficult to say goodbye to objects that have a special meaning to you. However, sometimes it’s good to give up at least on some of them. Those clothes you haven’t worn in six years are good to go. There surely is a charity that could put them to good use. But if you have some large paintings from your grandma that you just keep in the garage, but you are not ready to let go, consider a storage for this purpose. Best moving companies in Toronto have storage units that you can rent. And you can keep everything there until you have a bigger space or until you decide it is time to part ways. In any case, make sure to get rid at least of some of the things around the house.

Colours are important

A dark blue room will look less spacious than the same room if it were painted in white. So, if you have a small space, avoid dark colours. Yes, we know, that crimson looks totally rad, but save it for your clothes instead of the walls. Choose pastels and other light shades instead. And the same goes for the furniture. If you have black or dark coloured furniture, call the best movers in Toronto to help you get rid of it and go get yourself lighter furniture. It will create the illusion of a larger space. All the appliances and large items in the house have the same effect, so pay a lot of attention to the things you decorate the house with!

Use shelves and cabinets

Shelves, hidden boxes, and cabinets are perfect storage solutions for maximizing your house space. From the kitchen to the bathroom and from the bedroom to the living room, shelves and cabinets will help you store everything properly. Just make sure you organize properly and don’t just clutter those shelves with all the stuff you can find around. The tinier the objects on the shelves, the more cluttered everything will look. So if you want to put your miniature collection on that shelf above the TV, it might not be the best idea for saving space and making everything look clean. If you choose new furniture, consider some that can be adapted into something smaller or used as storage space. Beds with incorporated bedsheet boxes and desks that can turn into dining tables are just two examples of multiuse furniture that can save the day.

Choose small appliances

Yes, that huge sandwich maker is dope for when you have to make three paninis at the same time… but really now, how many times do you actually need that? Try to choose smaller appliances and give up the bigger ones. The same goes both for the kitchen and the bathroom. Smaller electronics will help save a lot of space. In case you still have those huge appliances around the house, consider donating them. The best movers in Toronto could help you. Companies such as Let’s Get Moving periodically take donations to charities, so your items will be put to a good use.

Store properly

The items you own take more or less space, depending on how you store them. The internet has plenty of tips on how to store clothes and other personal belongings effectively. Even the best movers in Toronto can help out, if you just ask for some small tips when they come help you move. Did you know you can also order movers for in-house moves? So if you want to switch the furniture between two rooms, your movers can help with that. Just contact them and tell them what you need!

We hope this article was somehow useful and you have a good starting point now. If you need more ideas, you can reach out to us anytime. Same goes if you want to hire some of the best movers in Toronto – we are right here for you.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about how we can improve your small space!

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