What are the various forms of LIC home loans available?


A housing loan is necessary to achieve your ambition of owning a house. LIC provides a comprehensive range of home loans that are tailored to meet your specific requirements at some of the most competitive interest rates available. LIC home loans are available to many customers, including salaried, self-employed, professionals, NRIs, and others. Our solutions may be customised to meet your specific loan qualifying requirements.

Home Loan Plans from LIC provide several home loan schemes to salaried and self-employed persons, depending on their needs. The following is a comprehensive list of all home loan programmes available to consumers.

  • For the acquisition of residences that are ready to move into or under development.
  • Loans of up to Rs.3 crore are available.
  • Following retirement, the maximum loan period may be extended by ten years.

Schemes for LIC Home Loans

 LIC Griha Varishtha

  • In the case of the acquisition of a home or apartment when an OC has been acquired
  • You may be eligible for a remission of six EMIs.
  • Children are eligible to be co-applicants.

LIC Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

  • For the purpose of purchasing or building the first pucca home
  • Obtain a subsidy of up to Rs.2.67 lakh in certain cases.

LIC Griha Suvidha

  • To be able to purchase a house,
  • It makes no difference what your age or financial level is.
  • Under the PMAY – CLSS programme, loans are eligible for a loan subsidy.

LIC Home Loan for Non-Resident Indians

  • For the purpose of constructing or purchasing a home in India
  • There is no penalty for paying in advance.
  • It is feasible to transfer the balance of current house loans.

Loans from the LIC for land development

  • For the purpose of purchasing residential lands for the purpose of building a house.
  • Is eligible for a loan up to 75 per cent of the value of the property
  • The repayment period might last up to 15 years.

Loan for Home Construction from the LIC

  • It is possible to get funding for the building of a house.
  • Interest rates that are competitive
  • A loan of up to Rs.75 lakh may be obtained.

LIC House Repair Loans For home renovation or enhancement,

  • percent of the value of the property for a loan of up to Rs.30 lakh.
  • Individuals earning a salary may return the debt in 30 years.

LIC Loan Supplement on a Home Loan

  • Available for both new and existing customers
  • This loan may be used in conjunction with an existing house loan.
  • The interest rate is at a low of ten per cent. LIC When You Stay, You Pay
  • Pay the first EMI once you have taken possession of your home or apartment or after the moratorium period or 48 months from the date of the first disbursement, whichever comes first.
  • The repayment period might go up to 30 years.

How to Make an Application for a LIC Home Loan

By applying for one of the procedures listed below, you may get a house loan from LIC Housing Finance Limited.

  • You may fill out an application for a house loan on the official website. The first step is to go to and click on the ‘LIC Home Loan’ link on the main page. Click on ‘Online Loan Application’ and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the application. You may also keep track of the progress of your LIC loan application on the internet.
  • You may apply by visiting the branch that is closest to you. You may seek the assistance of a senior executive who will help you through the application process.


LIC Housing Finance Limited is a renowned housing finance firm that offers low-interest house loans to low- and moderate-income individuals. Under the Griha Siddhi/Apna Ghar brand name, the company provides housing loans.

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