What is the Process of Doing a Payroll?


In addition to calculating the total wage earnings of employees, the payroll process also includes withholding taxes and forwarding totals. Payroll can be either hourly or salary, and the process for either type of payment requires employees to complete an accurate time sheet. To ensure this time sheet matches the actual hours the employees worked, payroll staff will review time sheets and compare them to the employees’ schedules.

Calculating Total Wage Earnings

There are a few ways to calculate the total wage earnings of your employees. Just like ADP ways or solutions, the first method involves figuring out gross wages for each employee. This can be a helpful tool for managers when setting salaries and determining the total income for employees. Another method is figuring out overtime pay, which is normally calculated at a time and a half, so you can add that into the gross wage for the employee. If you estimate the total income, the result will be around $260 per paycheck.

To calculate total wage earnings when doing payroll, you must figure out the gross pay for each employee. Gross pay is the total amount each employee pays before taxes, health insurance, and any other deductions required by payroll laws. Net pay, on the other hand, is the money left in the employee’s bank account after all deductions. It should be noted that gross pay is generally less than net compensation.

Withholding Deductions

When doing payroll, there are several different types of withholdings to consider. Some are voluntary, while others are mandatory. Often, withholdings are done to meet various government and legal requirements. For instance, employers must withhold taxes and wage garnishments for the benefit of employees. These deductions are processed every pay period according to federal and state tax laws and withholding information. In addition, most payroll software has options for automating withholding, which reduces the possibility of errors and ensures that proper filings are made.

The amount of withholdings is determined by a variety of factors, including the employee’s withholding certificates and their benefits selections. In addition, depending on where you do business, some of these deductions may be determined by specific tax rates. For example, you may be subject to paying federal income tax or Medicare tax. Or you may not be required to collect income tax in your state, but it is important to keep in mind that this deduction will also impact state unemployment insurance dues.

Filing Payroll Taxes

Filing payroll taxes is an essential task for a business. This is because, as an employer, you must deposit and report employment taxes on a quarterly basis. These taxes include federal, state, and FICA taxes as well as federal unemployment taxes. The process of filing payroll taxes begins when you pay your employees. After determining how much you owe, you set aside the amount needed to cover your portion of the taxes. You will then report these payments to the appropriate government agencies.

When doing payroll, keep track of the amount of payroll taxes you pay. You must keep records of these payments for four years after the date that the taxes were paid. Depending on your state, you may also be required to pay state unemployment tax. In either case, be sure to check with your state’s tax laws. Regardless of the method you use, it is your responsibility to make your employees feel as if you are responsible for their tax payments.

Delivering Payment

There are two basic types of split payroll methods: static and percentage. The former requires less administration but requires recalculation of payroll net delivery for each pay period. A static split payroll method is the most common and easy to administer. On the other hand, a percentage split payroll method requires recalculation of payroll net delivery each pay period. Whether you use static or percentage split payroll methods is up to you.

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